Stand up And Fight

The only thing that differentiates you to everyone else are the troubles that you face and your ability to face them and overcome them.Our ability to stand in the midst of the flames of pressure is the key to our breakthroughs. the art of breakthrough is in your ability to push so the walls can break. Do not allow the walls to conquer you for the word of God says We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus who died for us on the cross. Jesus was able to carry His cross to the finishing line and win the race. I have a question are you carrying your own cross… are you running your race to the finishing line…. Child of God it is of utmost importance that you carry your cross and follow.Like Christ did He never gave up.. He knew that crossing over the mountains towards success and bliss needed him to conquer the cross… i want you to stand and fight fight the hopelessness fight the depression fight the sadness and grief fight the flames and fight the roars of thunder for we were ordained to win we were given the power to conquer all that is against us…. Stand up and fight cause the most memorable battles are those we finish off standing rather than those we end powerless.

The life we are living is full of heavy burdens but that is the essence of our life in Christ carry the burdens unto the Lord and leave them to him for He knows best His ways are higher than ours His Thoughts are higher than ours and were our minds have reached their climax his power begins to manifest for we are fulfilled in Christ through our weaknesses.


Hope In Christ

I don’t know if what you are feeling is the same as what im thinking. feelings os solitude. feeling so alone in this vast world. Seeing everything from a distance it seems unreachable. the pain in the heart as if it has been ripped out. Pain so sharp it pierces deep to the division of born and marrow.

Lemme tell you something else that pierces. the word of God is like a double edged sword so sharp that it pierces deep to the division of born and marrow. I dont wether what you are feeling is anywhere near what Joseph felt. Being dejected and rejected by his own. Being sold for a couple of coins.Being framed of adultery as if being rejected was not enough. Being in slavery despite never committing a crime. Despite all this loneliness. Despite all the bitterness and anger He could have felt He chose…

He chose to forgive.

He listened to God who said,” I will never leave you nor forsake you i will be with you even to the ends of the earth”. The God who never sleeps nor slumber.

The One who says ” i know the plans i have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a future and an expected end.

He also says “My ways are higher than your ways my thoughts higher than your thoughts just like how the firmament is higher than the earth so are my thoughts higher than yours. the God who breaks chains.

Never Tire Because He always Delivers.